Professional portraits / headshots in Calgary

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Professional portraits / headshots in Calgary

I learn a lot of information about my clients and their businesses at my sessions. It’s impossible to avoid questions, and I really want to know the person in front of my camera! The connection is important as it helps to release the tension that my camera creates. As for me, I start being nervous when another pro takes my pictures, so I can relate to my clients’ nervousness as well.

What tips do I use at my portrait photography sessions?

At the beginning of our work I try to find a way to open my model’s character. Sometimes I do posing but if it doesn’t help, I ask the client to move. I call it “freeze” game. As soon as I see the most natural pose, I say “stop” and we return to that pose. Of course, for most sessions we combine both methods. Believe me, after at least half of an hour the person is relaxed and the process becomes easy.

Professional portraits / headshots Calgary Nathalie Terekhova Photographer Photographers

Do I shoot natural light?

I use both natural light and studio lights. I love natural light for its depth of field and accessibility. I don’t spend time on adjusting the strobes for every pose, outfit or backdrop change. But I love my strobes and use them a lot. The best way, for me however, is to use both: strobes at the beginning and window light at the end.

Do my clients change during the session?

Yes, of course my model can change or we can change the backdrop according to my client’s needs. I tend to ask a lot about the intended purposes of the photography. If these pictures will be used on a website, I take a look at it. Some designs need brighter images, others require darker tones. Or, we try different looks. The sessions is all about you!

Tell me who you are!

Michelle is End-of-life Doula! I have to confess I didn’t know this profession existed until I met her! I was so impressed by her personality and her story that I can’t stop talking about this client! She is definitely a very brave human being! I am more than happy to know her.

Michelle Lemon has a website.


“My calling to become an End-of-Life Doula (Death Doula) was clear to me from an extremely young age, I just wasn’t sure on how to get there.” – says Michelle’s webpage. Of course it’s good when everyone is fine and sound, but life is life. I personally lost a very close person recently and I did not know how to deal with it. I believe that no one really does; but that is why Michelle is here to help!

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