Ihor Bohdan portrait

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February 7, 2018
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March 20, 2018

Ihor Bohdan portrait

Now I can say I had a star client! 

Ihor Bohdan portrait session.

Meet Ihor Bohdan, Ukrainian singer and amazing person! He came to me with his his visualizing his creative idea about Ukrainian people living in Canada. Ihor bohdan was looking for a portrait session.

This truly Ukrainian soul misses a lot his country, so I am! Every time I meet a Ukrainian, I talk my native language only. It’s such a good practice for me! Ihor was missing the motherland a lot, that’s why he had in mind the pictures of him with a sad face. Sadness in these shots means nostalgia.

I personally saw this person to be cheerful and happy.

How do my clients choose the location for a session?

In every case we follow the idea. if the headshot is destined to be used for the LinkedIn profile picture, you are more than enough to have the plain backdrop. any place can work for that. Ihor chose the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church as the location for his portrait. Which ever is convenient for my clients is good for me. We used the plain backdrop to concentrate the attention to his emotions.

Ihor Bohdan portrait Portrait photography CalgaryIhor Bohdan he was a super patient client. And we’ve got couple good portraits.
For Ukrainian music lovers, take a moment to listen: YOUTUBE

Ihor Bohdan portrait Portrait photography Calgary

Ihor Bohdan portrait Portrait photography Calgary

I couldn’t help but make Ihor Bohdan smile for his portrait to get the happier pictures. I truly believe that he is a very happy person.

How to get ready for a portrait/headshot session?

I have the rule to talk a lot with my clients. We discuss the slightest nuances of the coming session. I want to know the outfits, the ideas, the purpose of taking these portraits or see the inspiring examples the client prepared. It can direct me to do the most important efforts in achieving the result.

Many people need the headshots for their social medias or websites. Ihor Bohdan portrait session was destined to talk to Ukrainian community and deliver the message about the immigrant’s destiny. I am extremely proud to be the part of this creative project!

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