Sainte Famille Catholic Church little angel baptizing

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February 5, 2017
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Sainte Famille Catholic Church little angel baptizing

Recently I took pictures at the baptizing ceremony in Sainte Famille Catholic Church. The family who hired me is very close-knit! They love this little cute angel looking baby a lot! Their traditions were so exciting for me, I’ve never seen anything like that! That’s all about living in Canada where you can meet such rich, so deep and diverse cultures!
The ceremony was held in Sainte Famille Catholic Church, very pretty small place near downtown Calgary. You can check their website if interested.  
Paroisse Sainte-Famille church is privileged to serve the French Catholic community in Calgary and area. Our main focus is to to preserve and encourage growth of the french culture within our city by providing a haven for the french community to meet and pray on a regular basis.  Our masses are performed in French. We also offer bilingual services on request and on special occasions: baptism, marriage, funeral…. We have a wealth of information of the French speaking clubs and associations within the city.”

For me, the lover of French culture it was nice to know about this place! Father (Abbé) Noël Farman was very kind person! It was so nice to meet him and to shoot his service.

Right after the ceremony the whole family took a lot of pictures. They were so happy and very friendly! 

In the evening there was another part of baptizing ritual, the cultural one. That was a discovery for me. Both the baby and I were surprised! It was so different from my cultural rituals. I am a very curious person and always crave to learn new things! I found the right job for me!

I wish a happy and healthy life to this baby angel!