Lemon stand themed session in Calgary

Nathalie Terekhova Calgary real estate photographer
Calgary real estate photographer
December 5, 2019

Lemon stand themed session in Calgary

Calgary family photographer

Once upon a time, there were little friends who happened to be thirsty. They had a nice walk in the park and all of a sudden discovered a cute lemon stand full of yummy refreshments. The stand was supervised by a friendly young lady, her name was Dasha.

She was so kind that she offered the first glass of sweet lemon juice for free. The little friends were more than happy to refresh on this sunny day.

The lemon juice was sooo yummy that the handsome little gentleman Danya decided to offer an extra glass to his lady Ivanna. Her favorite animal was Lucy. Lucy followed Ivanna everywhere! They were definitely the best of friends.

Dasha, the owner of this Lemon stand, was more than happy to serve her little customers! They were super polite and friendly!

Danya and his ladies spent too much time in this magic forest cafe, so they decided to have a walk. What about riding around?

Ivanka said “YES!”

Poline was very happy to get a ride from her big brother. Sweet hugs were the best for him!

This little gentleman did even more – he offered Ivanka a candy!

That was a sweet Russian traditional treat that Dasha had at her little store! YUM!

He offered candy to Dasha as well! So sweet of him!

They seemed to become friends… Dasha loved Lucy as much as Ivanka did! Lucy was cute, right? Who doesn’t love Lucy?

Ivanka enjoyed the lemon juice so much that she decided to buy some for her Mom!

Don’t forget to buy a glass of fresh lemon juice this spring. Lemon stands are about to open as the weather is amazing. Little lemon juice makers are waiting for your support! It’s an amazing Canadian culture that I fell in love with as soon as we came to Canada. Let’s make someone’s little intentions grow, magic is something real to create!

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