Professional product photography tips

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October 20, 2018
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Professional product photography tips

professional product photography Calgary Product photography professional Calgary Nathalie Terekhova silk scarf Buta boutique

Buta Boutique in Calgary

Professional product photography – that’s what my client was looking for in Calgary. Since I am a huge fan of challenges, I became the product photographer for their online shop called Buta Boutique. For a while now, I have been doing branding, portrait, product, and personal photography for the owner. Every session encourages me be creative in a different way.

Product photography professional Calgary Nathalie Terekhova silk scarf Buta boutique

Product photography should be creative!

My team decided to try something new this shoot. After consulting work, we came to the conclusion to underline the beauty of silk scarfs working with different textures and accessories. As you see, every colour was mixed with similar or polar colour palette details.

Stylish is the slogan for this session.

The project turned out to be stylish and innovative for me. I cannot say I don’t like to take the standard shots, but what I also like is to push further. That’s the constant dynamic of my work. Something new is my goal.

This vendor supported our ideas 100%. Buta Boutique is my soulmate client for years. These professional relations are very dear to me.

As the result we did several silk scarfs mixed accordingly to their vibrant colours. If you love these items, check the availability on the website: Buta boutique.

Scarf photography tips

You don’t always have to hire a professional to photograph your items. All you need is to understand simple light techniques and tips:

  1. You need to find a texture to put under the scarf. I used the white crushed paper. I really wanted to get this wrinkled paper texture.
  2. You can use the window light. I used natural window light this time.
  3. You can use your phone to take shots. Make sure you don’t get any other objects into your shots.
  4. Use any simple mobile editor to stylize your images. Believe me, it is more than enough for your Instagram feed.

Check the helpful video linked to this article to get more ideas on how to better fold your scarfs for the shots.

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Professional product photography in Calgary

I am practicing professional product photography since the beginning of my career. Ha ha, I should confess you that my first models were my home-baked cakes and my friends’ pets. My most favourite life slogan is that growth comes with lots of practice; so, that’s what I’m doing constantly and personally I am feeling pretty confident about my photography.