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Calgary professional portrait photographer

Portrait Posing and Composition

Every Calgary professional portrait photographer should know that once you’ve set up your shooting environment for your portrait, you’re ready to compose the actual image.
Portraits are all about the person or people you are photographing. Composition, therefore, will involve working with them on poses that will highlight what you are trying to achieve in your portrait.
Posing your subject can be one of the tougher aspects of portraiture. It requires a separate competency from the rest of your photographer skill set. Guiding a model through poses demands at least a basic understanding of the human form and nonverbal communication.
Moreover, posing men and women are quite different undertakings. You will need to know what kinds of poses are attractive and impactful for both.
Establishing a good rapport with your subject is invaluable here. Without strong communication, frankly, you won’t be able to produce great images with your model.
Ultimately, achieving fluency at posing requires as much practice and observation as mastering your camera.

Portrait for a Calgary sommelier

This beautiful lady was looking for a professional headshot and a portrait. I’m passionate to work with different Calgary businesses and helping them create their careers through social and professional photography. Irina wanted to have some images with wine accessories. Good to go with me, as I find it very helpful when my clients know what they need.

Calgary professional portrait photographer

Posing People in Photographs

When shooting models, it’s your responsibility as the photographer to give them the guidance they need to look their best in front of the camera. This applies regardless of whether you’re shooting professional models or family members.

How to Pose Women In Photography Portraits

Women’s poses in portraits traditionally have stressed the curves of the female form. In contrast with men’s poses, women avoid straight lines and hard angles.
The key thing to remember when posing women is that the eye should move easily around the portrait. You guide it along with the curves that you introduce throughout the pose. Subtle curves can be created by bending the wrists, elbows, and knees, in ways that are harmonious with the model’s form.
The ‘S Curve’ is a classic pose that guides the viewer’s eye down the frame from the face, to the arms and hands, following on to the model’s legs.

Professional portrait photography is fun!

When the hobby becomes a profession of your life, it’s so easy to live it!

That’s the story of my client Irina! She’s living her hobby! And her story and mine are very similar! I can’t live without my passion – photography! I love what it brings to my life: artistic components, a lot of amazing people, self-improvement, and an interesting career! And this process is endless which I find the most exciting…

At the session, we had a lot to talk about because sharing stories makes portrait photography easier. The process of talking, guiding, smiling creates trust and makes this “scary” photographic journey fun!

If you are looking for a portrait or a headshot, check my blog about the recent projects I’ve done.

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