Ryder Scott Reserves Conference in Calgary

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May 18, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Ryder Scott Reserves Conference in Calgary

Ryder Scott Conference Calgary Conference photographer photographers Nathalie Terekhova

Recently I had a pleasure to be the Ryder Scott Reserves conference photographer.

This company is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. “Ryder Scott Company Petroleum Engineers began operations in Bradford, PA, in 1937. Being formerly an oil producer in the early to mid-1930s, it became the first engineering firm and research laboratory in the world devoted to solving water flood problems.”

Oil and gas experts met at May conference on petroleum reserves

Conference photography is always a challenge even if the photographer is an experienced professional. It has the certain technical rules: at some events the photographer can not use the flash lights. It makes the work harder. Besides, the very dynamic schedule challenges the photographer to be ready for the next unpredicted shot any moment! all together this work is usually extremely exhausting. Do I like it? Yes, I do! I constantly challenge myself and keep working on my technics and knowledge. So, nothing scary is you love your work!

Besides, the super friendly Ryder Scott team made my work much easier although the light scenario was one of the most challenging in my career. But putting a lot of extra efforts to picture this important event, I made it work!

Ryder Scott Conference Calgary Conference photographer photographers Nathalie Terekhova

Ryder Scott Reserves Conference in Calgary

“North American experts came to this event to share their knowledge of petroleum reserves and related topics. Organizers anticipated that up to 150 oil and gas executives, managers and technical professionals would attend the full-day event at the Marriott Downtown Hotel in Calgary.
Scheduled speakers included authorities in the E&P industry, academia, government and consulting.”

The speakers were well known professionals in the oil-and-gas industry:

  • John Lee, a professor at Texas A&M University
  • Vitaliy Charkovskyy, a senior petroleum engineer at Ryder Scott Canada
  • Jim Erdle, vice president USA & Latin America at the Computer Modeling Group Ltd.
  • He Zhang, petroleum engineer at Ryder Scott
  • Dean Rietz, president at Ryder Scott
  • John Etherington, managing director at PRA International Ltd.
  • John MacDonald, vice president at Ryder Scott Canada

These were some but not all speakers who performed at this important for the industry annual event.

Conference agenda was targeted to an audience with at least a “big picture view” of petroleum reserves. For a wider appeal, presentations on other oil-and-gas-related subjects were scheduled.”

I should say that working with Ryder Scott team was truly a pleasure. These serious men knew a lot about their work.

I am more than happy to challenge my skills and create a documentary work about this conference.

Check my other conference work here: https://photont.ca/category/conference/

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