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    I am happy to meet this couple because I had the most amazing wedding in my life! I suppose I missed my culture a lot and this wedding gave me the feeling of “home”. The bride, her parents, the groom and his family – all were amazing people! Ukrainian hospitality is the best in the world! 

    The magic starts with make up fairy Marina Orlovskaya. I worked with this make up artist several times and I was always happy about her work! But the choice of make up artist is still very personal thing, so trust your taste and (as I always encourage my clients) do the trial make up first, before the wedding. The wedding day is too important, you need to be sure in everyone. That’s why photographers always try to do the engagement sessions first too.

    The bride was creative about her bouquet and did it herself. Her colors were green and purple.

    In ukrainian culture this plant is special! That’s why I chose it for ring close up shots. The meaning is quite different (usually the girl gives a pumpkin to a guy she doesn’t want to marry as a sign of refusal to his proposal, ha ha). Here it was not the case, but the plant is very dear to every ukrainian. 

    Marina at work!

    Special moments with Mom!

    These guys rocked! We had such a fun and lots of good shots!

    My favourite park is always helpful! I suppose that I choose it so often because of it’s strategic location and diversity as well. I know every corner of this place, but can still create unique images for every session.

    This is ukrainian church where I worked a few times already. Here is the website if anyone is interested in traditional ceremony. It’s a very beautiful place!

    You might guess what kind of game is it? Every ukrainian knows that those are votes for a girl or a boy. The guests put their vote in a hat (money votes) and those votes will surely help newlyweds with the start of their married life.

    Here’s the fun part starts! I didn’t have such a fun for a loooong time! LOTs of ukrainian music, lots of humour, lots of traditional games and very sincere people!

    Special thanks to Ukrainian band “Barvinok”! They were rock stars! I’ve never seen such professional ukrainian band here in Canada! I know what I’m talking about. Every year I go to the Ukrainian festival, take their photos, but these… they are the best! The contact number just in case – (780) 461-4446, (780) 466-4857.

    After my work was over, I stayed for about an hour extra just to listen to the music! I had the awesome experience and got lots of good images.


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