Ever since Natasha had taken our family photos we have been so happy and proud to share that experience with all of our family and friends. We always enjoy the beautiful moments whe share with our family, and to see those moments through Natasha’s lens’, allowed us to view the over all perspective we were missing. Thank you Natasha for showing us just how truley beatiful our family is and for the ever lasting memories we can now share with our loved ones.

Sasha and David Schiffers

Nathalie, is always my first choice photographer, whether I need to do a family photo, advertising photo for my business or to cover an event. She is amazing at selecting the best possible place, light, colour scheme to reflect the uniqueness of your personality and show it in the pictures. Apart form her talent in photography, she is easy to deal with, hard working, reliable and honest. We’ve done many photo sessions with Nathalie over the last 5 years and looking forward to many years more

Irene Arefeva

Excellent photos: ful of life and energy. I like your ability to get the real moments of people’s lives.

Marina Sadym

I’m in love with your journalistic pictures! You have a talent.

Elena Solar

I think that sometimes you see the world differently than others. Your view is very beautiful!

Inna Piskunova

Thank you for your time Nathalie! And for your patience, your freindly attitude, and for all this beautiful day!

Oxana Lyashenko

All pictures are just stunning! Can you teach me to do like that?

Valentina Sarkisova-Lankoff

Amazing photos, a piece of art!

Alexander Panteleyev

You always can make the image to be so positive!

Olle Beletskaya

How do you manage to get pictures full of life?! There are no any traces of artificial smiles, simpers or confusion!

Julia Hushul