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    These two look like Aladdin and his princess Jasmine. Although the weather was rainy that day we had an awesome session! That’s what I tell to my couples: “All depends on you! If you look relaxed and happy, you’ll get amazing pictures on any weather.”

    They chose the Rotary park for their wedding images. It’s very pretty for any session, but in this case this place meant a lot to these newly-weds! They spent a lot of time there and he proposed her on a big tree that I tried to pay special attention to! It’ so romantic! I adore stories like this!
    The wedding party was very different from what I’ve been before. There were no alcohol (which I personally liked very much) and a lot of traditions. The bride, Iman, belongs to Afghan culture and she told me about her wedding week. Every day she had different receptions with different relatives. It was so diverse but pretty tiring at the same time. The final reception took place in a big hall with a lot of people, traditional food and cultural wedding ceremonies. The bride is a friend of mine, so I got to this reception as a guest, not a photographer. My eyes were wide open! I love all cultural features, food and diversity. I have explorer’s mind, so it was amazing discovery for me.
    Now, a bit of beauty:

    As I already mentioned, this tree is very special for this couple!

    One day she got a proposal on this branch! Love LOVE love!

    The rainbow umbrella was so helpful! In Russian culture we have a proverb: “We really make the weather ourselves, don’t we?” So, last year was extremely rainy, that’s why I tell these happy stories to my clients who are worried about having the rain on their wedding. We can still have the beautiful images, trust me!


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