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    This year summit was very warm and sunny, but intensive at the same time. There were sessions in different rooms and I run from one to another to get the best shots! The evening program was very interactive: games, conjurer, satiric, jokes and a lot of laugh. Everyone enjoyed the show including me!  Continue reading


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    Wherever you are, don’t forget what you love. Photography will always be my passion even if it doesn’t evolve into profession. My camera is my best friend and the desire to reflect everything around drives me crazy sometimes. I learn to stop myself and enjoy the real life instead of photographic. Still though, what can be more pleasant than the sound “click” that catches the perfect moment?… Continue reading


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    Recently I had a chance to visit amazing play by Nicolas Billon. The play that touched me so deeply that I can’t stop talking about it all around. I’ve heard once that any movie or any stage play should impress and make people think about life. Here what we have now: the Alberta Theater Project, absolutely unforgettable, very powerful and existential. All this I’ve seen at “Butcher” starting the season this week.

    The pictures are taken at  discussion before the play. The conversation was devoted to the human rights, the trials of a refugee as well as the process of playwrighting inspiration. Continue reading


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    The conference photography is very exciting but very exhausting experience! I had two days spent at Banff IT-event. Those days were full of meetings, listening, taking pictures and sneaking everywhere. Besides that, nice company, beautiful place and amazing evening at hot springs – here what you can have being official conference photographer. Thanks to all who made it possible, my friends are definitely the best as well as my family is! Continue reading


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    My friend, Olga Beletskaya, now Olleah Kiki, is very creative person! She’s always been dreaming about creating haute couture dresses and hairdos. I always respected this energy and tried to encourage her with my photography of her designing works. In 2013 she took part in Edmonton ABA Competition and I was proud to be a part of her team! I also wrote an article to Russian Community newspaper Koleso, here, to celebrate her 1st place achievement and spread the word about this talented designer! Her fire is still burning and she has a lot of plans and ideas as for how to implement her creations to the feminine world of beauty! Good job, my friend!

    Thanks a lot to the team who helped a lot for it to happen: sponsors Michel D’Suki, Raymond Taleb, Model Viktoriya Fedotova

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