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    You don’t really need any special reason to have your pictures done at least annually or once in a couple years, but if you do, get one when your parents come! This year I had several family sessions with parents from far away. It’ harder to work with big amount of people but it’s still a fun! At the beginning elders are usually suspicious (ha ha)! Kids and elders are pretty similar: getting bored quickly, impatient sometimes. It’s such a pleasure to learn people! Learning helps me to adjust to any situation at work. And here what we had at our big family session this October.  Continue reading


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    This couple as adventurous as I am! It’s very easy to work with people who are ready for anything to get the best shot! That’s how the real wedding art is done! The cold weather, strong wind, rocks hiking and climbing – that’s what I mean! And the happiest photographer on Earth was me!
    Make up artist Instagram is here. Her name is Ilona Gimpel. She made a very gentle make up and hair! Continue reading


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    Cybera is an annual client of mine! I love to work with this company! Mostly because the event takes place in a beautiful environment and the atmosphere is always friendly. I get instructions as for mandatory aspects to pay attention to, but other than that I am free to create my vision of this Summit. Generally I never get what speakers are talking about during the conference, all those IT terms are scary to me as I am more creative than logical person. But it doesn’t obstruct me to enjoy this work. Moreover, the client is happy about the conference pictures and use them on their website and social media here and hereContinue reading